Vacuum Load Breaking Switch

FN25-12D indoor AC high voltage load-breaking switch is three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 12kV indoor installation, which is suitable for using in industry and mining situations, enterprise substations and transformer substations for protection and controlling the electrical facility, by using OFF and ON load current, closed loop current, idling transformers and cable charging current. It has manual and electrical motor operating mechanism that is advantageous to realize three remote controls requirement of power system.


FN25-12DR indoor AC high voltage vacuum load switch-the fuse combination electric appliance is three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV indoor installation, which is suitable for load control and short-circuit protection. It is equipped with the earthing switch that may withstand short-circuit current. FN25-12D load switch and combination electric appliance is suitable for load control and to short-circuit the protection, in three-phase ring net, the terminal power supply urban districts, power distribution stations and the industry consumers. The combined electric appliance has more reliable economical protection functions than circuit breaker electrical appliance equipment, especially for the ring net, double radiation power supply unit and box type transformer substation.

NO Item Data
FN25-12D/T630-20 FN25-12DR/T125-31.5
1 Rated voltage(kV) 12
2 Rated frequency(Hz) 50
3 Rated current(A)       630     125
4 Rated
insulation level
1 min power frequency
withstand voltage(kV)
Explosion chamber fracture 30;
To earth, phase to phase 42; Isolation fracture 48;
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)(KV) To earth, phase to phase 75; Isolation fracture 85;
5 Rated dynamic current (peak value)(KA) 50
6 4 seconds heat-stable current(KA) 20
7 The rated active load breaking current(A) 630
8 Rated closed loop breaking current(A) 630
9 Rated cable charge breaking current(A) 10
10 Rated breaking idling transformer capacity(KVA) 1250 1250
11 Rated transfer current(A) 2000
12 Fuse model SDLAJ-12
13 Ram output energy(J) 2-5(middle grade)
14 Rated short-circuit making electric current(KA) 50
15 Earthing switch rated peak withstand current(KA) 50
16 Earthing switch 2s thermal stable current(KA) 20
17 Auxiliary loop retad voltage(V) 220  110
18 Mechanical life(times) 10000