Vacuum Load Breaking Switch

N12-12D/630-50 indoor AC high voltage load break switch, rated voltage is 12KV, rated frequency is 50Hz. It is a kind of three phases high voltage switch equipment. It can be used to breaking- closing load current, closed current, charge current for no-load transformer and cable, closing short-circuit current. The Load break switch which assembleds earthing switch can sustain short-circuit current.


FN12-12DR/100-31.5 indoor AC high voltage load break switch-fuse combination electrical appliance is a combinated indoor high voltage switch equipment which combinated by FKN12-12D load break switch and S□LAJ-12(XRNT□-12)high voltage limiting current fuse. This appliance can open any current up to short circuit current; Load break switch open working current, Fuse open short circuit current, combination open any current from working current to short circuit current, meantime Fuse makes the Load break switch opening through striking

1Rated voltagekv12
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Rated currentA630100
41 min power frequency withstand voltagekvEarthing to earthing and between phase 75,isolation fracture 85
5Light implus withstand voltagekvEarthing to earthing and between phase 42,isolation fracture 48
6Rated thermal stable currentkA20(4s)
7Rated peak withstand stably currentkA50
8Rated making current(peak)kA5050
9Rated breaking current (expected value)KA31.5
10Rated shift currentKA1.5
11Breaking currentkA1.8
12Breaking off-load transformer capacitykVA1250
13Rated cable charging currentA10
14Rated active load current breaking timesTime>100
15Ram touched load switch off timeS<0.06
16Earth switch thermal stable currentkA20(2s)
17Earth switch thermal stable current (peak)kA5050
18Motor operation supply voltageVAC&DC 110、220