HVD11Y – 1.14KV

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

HVD11Y-1.14 PERMANENT MAGNETIC OPERATION VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER is mainly used in 1140v or 660v three phases electrical distribution system. It is equipped
with permanent magnetic operation device. It is used for distribution power, circuit protection and power
equipment. It is also popular in railway, mine, electricity and so on. The product structure is vertical
design. Vacuum chamber and Permanent magnetic operation device is up-down structure. Adjustment
and maintenance are easy. It has long mechanical life. And it has high breaking ability, high reliability. It’s
in and out bus bar are at the back of the circuit breaker. It can be installed as explosion-proof feed switch

Item nameparameterunit
Rated voltage1.14KV
Rated current630A
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated insulation level(power frequency withstand voltage 1 min)4.2KV
Rated short-circuit breaking current12.5KA
Limiting abrasion of contacts1.5mm
Breaking times under rated short-circuit breaking current16times
Electrical life3000times
Electric resistance of main circuit≤100µΩ



Item nameparameterunit
Contacts clearance3.5~4.5mm
Contacts over travel1.5-2mm
Bus bar distance≥20mm
Distance between bus bar and housing≥20mm
Contacts closing bouncing time≥2ms
Three phases unsynchronized time≤2ms
Inherent closing time≤100ms
Inherent tripping time≤30ms
Contacts working pressure350+/-50N
Mechanical life50000times
Item nameparameterunit
Rated voltage of control circuitAC110-AC380V
Total power of control unit≤200W
Maximum operation frequency of operation device300Times/hour
Minimum interval time of closing operation≥2S