JCZR 7.2KV & 12KV

Vacuum Contactor

This combination electric appliance may install in the switch cabinet to form the F-C loop, use with the integrated protection device. It is used for loading of the switching on and switching off the power pant as well as the industry and mining enterprise, dropout AC high-tension motor, the transformer, capacitor and so on, and it has overload, short circuit protection function. This combination electric appliance may use in AC 50 HZ three-phase power systems.


4.1 Main structure

4.1.1 The fuse and contactor in the contactor-fuses association electrical apparatus is distributed vertically, and installed on the bottom plate together.

4.1.2 Fuses are installed next to the power of contactor.

4.1.3 After operating the fuse impinges causes the contactor switches off electrically, and cut the switch on loop.

4.1.4 The entering and exit of cart uses the feed screw mechanism that may realize closing operation.

4.1.5 Complete interlock functions and reasonable design.


Main Technical Parameter see Table 1.

No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 7.2 12
2 Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage phase to phase, to earth, the fracture impact withstand voltage(fracture) KV 32 42
60 75
3 Fuse rated current A 25-250 25-200
4 Prospective short circuit breaking current KA 50 50
5 Prospective short circuit making current(peak value) 130 130
6 Prospective short circuit withstand current( peak value) 10 10
7 Rated short time withstand current( effective value) 4 4
8 Rated short circuit duration S 4 4
9 Rated making current KA 4 4
10 Rated breaking current KA 3.2 3.2
11 Limit breaking current KA 4.5 4.5
12 Contactor distance between fixed and moving contact mm 4.5 5
13 Contactor over-travel mm 1.5 1.5
14 Mechanical life Time

Model J:100,000

Model D:300,000

Model J:100,000

Model D:300,000


  1. Closing/open coil technical data see Table 2
Closing coil Holding coil Opening coil
Rated operation voltage(V) DC220,DC110 DC220,DC110 DC220,DC110
Coil power(W) 1200 15 80
Normal work voltage range 85%-110% rated voltage 85%-110% rated voltage 60Z%-120% rated voltage
  1. Ambient temperature: +40℃~-15℃, average temperature in 24h limited below +35℃
  2. Altitude: Model JCZR-7.2J(D)

When used in rated voltage 7.2kv system, not over 1000m

When used in rated voltage 3.6kv system, not over 3000m

Model JCZR-12J(D)

When used in rated voltage 12kv system, not over 1000m

When used in rated voltage 7.2kv system, not over 3000m.

  1. The surrounding air free from the pollution of dust, smoke, caustic gas, steam or salt mist.
  2. Temperature:

Relative humidity: The daily average not over 95%m the monthly average not over 90%;

Steam pressure: The daily average not over 2.2Kpa, the monthly average not over 1.8Kpa.

  1. The external vibration and earth movement of switch device and control device can be neglected.

In secondary system, the amplitude value of electromagnet interference does not surpass 1.6KV.