Vacuum Contactor

HVJP-160/1.14 Low-voltage AC vacuum contactor for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage to 1140V, rated current up to 160A power network, for direct or long-distance connection and breaking the main circuit. The advantages: small size, light weight, long maintenance period, especially suitable for the composition of a street lamp controller and work in oil fields, chemical and other occasions.

Unit Parameter
Rated voltage KV 1.14
Rated current A 63,80,125,160
Power frequency withstand voltage V 6000(To fracture);

4200(Phase to phase, phase to earth)

Main circuit making capability(A/100 times) A 1250,1600
Main circuit breaking capability(A/25 times) A 1000,1250
Limit breaking current(A/3 times) A 1250,1600
Clearance between opening contacts mm 1.8+/-0.2
Over distance mm >0.6
Closing synchronism ms <2
Mechanical life Times 1,000,000
Electrical life AC-3 Times 600,000
AC-4 Times 60,000
Weight Kg 2