HVJ30 – 1.14KV

Vacuum Contactor

HVJ30-1.14/1000、1250 series AC vacuum contactor is applicable for AC 50HZ power system of rated voltage 1.14KV and rated current up to 1000 A~1250Ato open and close circuit, start and control AC motor frequently. It is suitable for composed magnetic starter with various protective devices (JDB electronic integrated protector, JR9 type over current protection device, resistance-capacitance absorbers). It is particularly suitable for compose a explosion-proof magnetic starter and large mineral switchgear.

Rated voltageKV1.141.14
Rated currentA10001250
Making capacityA5000(100 times)
Breaking capacityA4500(10 times)
Limit breaking capacityA5000(3 times)
Electrical life times(AC3)times600,000
Electrical life times(AC4)times6,000
Mechanical life timestimes1,000,000
Rated operating frequency (AC3)times /h600
Rated operating frequency (AC4)times /h120
Short-time operating frequency(20s)times /h1000
Contacts separationmm2.8±0.1
Over travelmm1.0±0.1