Vacuum Circuit Breaker

HVD85-40.5(ZN85-40.5)is suitable for three-phase AC power system of 50Hz and 40.5kV, used to make and break the load current, overload current and fault current in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and transformer substations, meanwhile, it is suitable for the occasion where the frequent operation is required.

Rated voltagekV40.5
Rate voltagekV95
Lighting impulse withstand voltagekV185
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA1250、1600、2000
Rated short-time withstand currentkA25、31.5
Rated peak value withstand currentkA63、80
Rated short-circuit durations4
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA25、31.5
Rated short-circuit making currentkA63、80
Rated operation sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
Breaking timems<80
Rated short-circuit current breaking timestimes20
Single capacitor bank breaking currentA630
Back-to-Back capacitor bank breaking currentA400
Rated control voltageVAC110、220;DC110、220
Mechanical lifetimes10000

1.Opening spring

2.Main shaft

3.Regulating lever of intermediate phase

4.Driving rod

5.Driving board 2

6.Contac spring

7.Driving board 3

8.Driving board 4

9.Driving board 1

10.Regulating lever of side phase

11.Rod end bearing

2.1The ambient air temperature should be -15℃~40℃, the daily average temperature should not exceed 35℃.
2.2 Daily mean relative humidity should not exceed 95%, and the daily mean vapor pressure should not exceed 2.2kPa; the monthly mean relative humidity should not be higher than 90%, and the monthly mean vapor pressure should not exceed 1.8kPa.
2.3 Altitude: Not exceed 1,000m.
2.4 The ambient air should be free from the dust, smoke, corrosive and flammable gas, steam, salt fog, et…