Vacuum Circuit Breaker

This vacuum circuit breaker(VCB) is three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV outdoor high-voltage switch equipment. It is mainly used to opening(closing) load current, overload current and short-circuit current. It is suitable to protect or control the city or village electrical power distribution system.

HVD32 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker
1Rated voltagekV12
2Rated currentA400630630
3Rated short circuit breaking current  kA12.51620
4Rated short circuit breaking current (peak value)31.54050
5rated peak value withstand current31.54050
6Rated short circuit withstand current12.51620
7Rated short-circuit durationS4
8Rated insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltage  kVPhase to phase,to ground 42,fracture 48
Lighting Impulse withstand voltage(peak value)Phase to phase,to ground 75,fracture 48
9Rated sequence of operationsO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
10Mechanical lifeTime10000
11Rated short-circuit current breaking timesTime30
12Rated operation voltage(opening-closing coil)VDC220,110,AC220,110
HVD32-12 1
HVD32-12 2
1Rated voltageKV12
2The 1min rated power frequency withstand voltagePhase to Phase, to Ground42 / Fracture 48
3Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak)Phase to Phase, to Ground42 / Fracture 48
4Rated currentA6301250
5Rated frequencyHz50
6Rated short circuit breaking currentKA12.5  16  2025
7Rated short-circuit current (peak)31.5  40  5063
8Rated peak withstand current31.5  40  5063
94s rated short time withstand current12.5  16  2025
10Rated operating sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO(Electric operation)
11Closing timems30-60
12Opening time20-40
13Rated short circuit breaking current breaking timestimes30
14Mechanical life10000
15Secondary circuit 1min power frequency withstand voltageV2000
16Energy storage motor rated powerW40
17Energy storage motor rated voltageVDC220/110
18Rated closing operation voltageDC220/110, AC220/110
19Rated switching operation voltageDC220/110, AC220/110
20Electric energy storage timeS≤8