HGD2 – 12KV

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

HGD2-12 series 12KV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker has a compact design. It is suitable for
650mm width switchgear, used as protection and control unit of power equipment of industrial & mining
enterprise. Due to the super excellence, it is especially suitable for locations where requires the frequent
operation under rated working current or multiple breaking under short circuit breaking current. The
circuit breaker adopts the integrated design of operating mechanism and circuit breaker body, servers as
not only fixed installation, but also draw-out type equipped with a special propelling mechanism.
HGD2-12 has two main types. One is Draw-out type. Model No. is HGD2-12D. The other is Fixed type.
Model No. is HGD2-12F.

1Rated voltageKV12
2Rated frequencyHz50
3Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1 min)KV75
4Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage (1 min)KV42
5Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA2025
6Rated currentA630 1000


630 1000


7Rated peak withstand currentKA5063
8Rated shorted-time withstand current (4S)KA2025
9Power frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit (1min)V2000
10Rated operation sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
11Rated breaking current of (single/back to back)capacitor bankA630/400
12Opening time(rated voltage)ms20-50
13Closing time(rated voltage)ms30-70
14Rated short-time current breaking timesTimes50
15Mechanical lifeTimes30000
16Rated opening/closing voltageVAC110,220; DC110,220
17Rated voltage of energy-storage motorVAC110,220; DC110,220